Accommodation at Kompas

Kompas accommodations are located on the third floor at Vojtecha Spanyola 37 in Žilina and are situated less then 10 minutes to walk outside the main city center. Bus stops for local transportation are directly outside.

The accommodation comes with its own parking spaces and free Wifi internet.

Our accommodations offer dormitory style rooms with at total of 16 beds, with the possibility of offering another 5 rollaway beds. The dormitory space has two sections. Each section has  2 rooms , one room with 3 and one with 5 beds. Each section has it’s own bathroom and toilet. One section has a bath tub with shower and the other section has a shower.

There is also a small kitchen, shared by both sections, for your use. It is equipped with a microwave, kettle and a fridge.

The price per person, per night is 14 €, (including VAT and a tourist fee required by the town.) There are discount prices available for 3 nights or more.

Reservations contact:

Tréningové centrum KOMPAS

V. Spanyola 37

010 01 Žilina

Phone number: 041-7234536 from 8:30am to 5:00pm

Cell: 0902/368 153


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